Brother Wedding Speech

According to the tradition, only father of the groom, father of the bride, groom and the best man gives wedding speeches. Nowadays, these traditions are not followed in weddings, and anyone is allowed to give a speech in the wedding; father, mother, siblings and even the guests present in the wedding. Whoever wishes to give a speech in the wedding is allowed to do so. A brother most of the time gets the honor of giving a speech at the wedding in the absence of the father at the wedding. In such cases, a brothers wedding speech is equally important as a father's would be, if he were in the marriage. If you are giving such a wedding speech for the first time for your sibling, and are unaware how to give these speeches, then here are some suggestions for making your brother wedding speech successful.

Writing down the speech once and practicing on it will help you make it easier for you. If you haven't given any of such speeches earlier, and you have decided to give a wedding speech at your brothers or sisters wedding, then you should make some preparations earlier. You can take help of someone who is already aware of these wedding speeches. Experienced people would have some good suggestions for you. If you are the maid of honor, or the bridesmaid, you need not worry about giving a wedding speech because these people are most of the times already trained for giving wedding speeches.

You can also refer to example wedding speeches. Making some changes in these speeches, you can make it more interesting and touching. Include some ideas of your own in this speech to personalize it. The age and background of the people attending the wedding should also be taken into account. To start with, some famous wedding quotes that are funny are a best option. If you can frame some funny lines of your own relevant to the situations, then it would be great. Some lines such as "I am glad that my brother is finally getting married. It paves the way for me now" can be used in your wedding speeches.

You should introduce yourself to the guests attending the wedding ceremony, and let people know your relation with the wedding couple. You can also crack some jokes on them, and how your sister's or brother's behavior showed a change from the time he or she fell in love. You can also share some of the interesting childhood memories with the people around. These things when included in the speech will make it more thrilling. If your sibling had any embarrassing and funny moments during childhood, they will also lighten the mood of the wedding ceremony.

A brother, at the wedding can also talk something about the relationship of the wedding couple. While talking about all these things make sure that you are not taking too much of the guests time and boring them throughout the speech. Go for proper time management, and devote some time for each section of your speech. A brother should also thank the guests that are present on the auspicious occasion of the wedding ceremony to greet the wedding couple. You can also include a section in the speech where you can say something special and memorable for you brother or sister that he or she will remember throughout his or her life.

Wedding speeches are given at the end of the wedding ceremony to welcome the families of the couple in each other's life. They should be short, yet relevant to the occasion and the must suit the interest of the guests. You should focus more on the wedding couple in your speech and talk more about them. If your family members are not present in the wedding, then mention about them as well.

The concluding part of any wedding speech usually contains of a wedding toast. A brother wedding speech also ends in the same way. You can use a funny toast to end your speech that will also convey some powerful statement about your sibling. If you maintain a smile on your face throughout the speech and deliver it with confidence, then your speech will turn out to be the best one for your brother or sister. When you have tossed a wedding toast, someone else who wishes to give a speech will precede the speech giving section further.