Wedding Anniversary Speech Examples

Every couple spends some quality moments at every wedding anniversary, but there are certain wedding anniversaries that are more celebrated and rejoiced; these are the 25th wedding anniversary (silver wedding anniversary) and the 50th wedding anniversary (golden wedding anniversary). You must have planned a big party for such wedding anniversaries and bought some unique and expensive gift for your spouse. If you are planning to make your spouse feel special, and want him/her to know what place he/she holds in your life, then you can opt to deliver a wedding speech. Wedding anniversary speech examples can help you in expressing your feelings for your loved ones. Your heart whelming speech can add to the love between both of you.

50th Wedding Anniversary Speech Example:

It really feels very heart whelming to be surrounded by so many people at certain occasions of life. Before I begin with my story, I would like to thank you all for making our day special with your presence, today. I also want to thank my son Ron, for flying from New York, just to wish us and make our family complete.

Countless emotions are pouring through my heart right now, and I am just unable to gain control over my emotions. 50 years or 5 decades for me, and Merry together! The love and the relationship we share with each other is still the same, as if it has been 5 days for our marriage. We still need each other so much. I can't manage even a day without her, and had never tried to experiment with this in these 50 years.

She has been a lovely wife, an adorable daughter-in-law, a perfect mother for Ron. She managed to give her best shot in every role of her life. I had always been attached towards her due to her pretty looks and her caring nature. There are few moments which can never be erased from my mind. We have been through tough times a lot of times, but together we had the courage to fight all the difficulties in life.

We always tried to accept the differences between each other and managed to make our lives happy. Merry has always helped me take some of the most difficult decisions of life. Her perspective has always helped me, when we had to take some decisions for Ron and for ourselves.

Today I would also like to thank Mr. Roger and Mrs. Noha for trusting and allowing me to hold their only daughter's hand 50 years ago on the same day. They have been a lovely father-in-law and mother-in-law for me. My first meeting with them was a funny one though, and they hated me several days for this. I still remember, it was Merry's birthday and I had jumped into her room from the window unaware of the fact that Merry's parents were celebrating her birthday in her room itself. I went in coma for a moment when I suddenly jumped exactly in front of my father in law and pretended to be a statue, which barely proved to be helpful for me.

I am very thankful to my pretty wife for her eternal love and giving me Ron as my son. This toast of tonight for the two most important people in my life, without whom my life would be incomplete, Merry and Ron, as a token of celebration of trust, celebration of tolerance, celebration of love, celebration of partnership, celebration of tenacity and celebration of tolerance.

Using the above wedding anniversary speech example you can build a great crowd pleasing speech. The road to your creativity does not end here; you can try something else according to your creativity. Once you have written your speech you can practice it if you are not habituated of delivering a speech. This can make your speech perfect.