Wedding Speech Etiquette

In a wedding, the speech giving section is the last section of the night. Speeches are given by the father of the bride, father of the groom, the groom and the best man in the wedding ceremony. These speeches serve a special purpose in a wedding. Parents can share some special qualities of their children in these speeches. They are a blend of emotions and fun in a wedding and any wedding is incomplete without these speeches. Most of the people in the wedding do not follow any kind of etiquette in a wedding speech. If you are heading a royal family, you should be aware of the wedding speech etiquette. Apart from the royal families, if you are about to visit an extremely formal wedding ceremony, you need to follow the wedding speech etiquettes there. You cannot ignore few traditionally followed rules in these types of wedding ceremonies.

If it is the first time you are heading such a formal wedding ceremony, and asked to deliver a speech there, you have to be even more cautious, but there is nothing to fear about because these speeches have a set format, and you have to follow these rules and regulations. You have to build your speech according to these rules, and deliver it at the wedding ceremony. Given below are some of the common and most important wedding speech etiquettes that should be followed at a reserved formal type of wedding ceremony.

Wedding speech etiquettes:

  • Following the order of speech is very essential in the wedding ceremonies that are either traditional or royal. The wedding speech section starts with a speech for the father of bride, then the father of groom, and then the groom himself delivers a speech. The speech giving section ends with the speech of the best man. Nobody else other than these few selected people is allowed to give a speech in the wedding.
  • The speech should be divided into various sections and everyone delivering the speech should abide over these rules. The initial section of the speech is the introduction part in which the person who is giving the speech introduces himself to the guests.
  • The next section of the speech consists of the paying gratitude to the guests who have showed their presence in the wedding ceremony.
  • After this, something should be said about the wedding couple. You can speak anything nice about the couple and wish them for their happy married life.
  • Speaking something about the family members of the couple is also allowed in a wedding ceremony.
  • At the end of the speech, a wedding toast should be tossed that is small, yet sweet and makes some memories.

Apart from the above rules, some regulations also have to be followed while delivering the speech.

  • Jokes are rarely cracked in such wedding ceremonies where wedding etiquettes are to be followed so strictly. The jokes that are cracked are also very refined and well-bred jokes.
  • Never stretch the speech too long. Make it a short one, yet it should contain all the above elements within it.
  • Dress well. Tuck the shirt and wear a proper jacket.
  • Never chew anything while giving the speech and make sure that you are not drunk while giving the speech.
  • Speak in a polite voice and smile a little while giving the speech.

Following the above wedding speech etiquettes is very essential in the wedding ceremony. You can take help of some experienced people if you still are not confident of your speech.